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+ Why should I use VoyageLightly?

VoyageLightly is for travelers who want to do more. See more sights. Get in extra time with family. Have one last drink with colleagues. By removing the excess baggage from your trip, you'll be more free to roam without things weighing you down.

+ How do I book a VoyageLightly Box?

Simply complete the form at the top of this website, and a representative will contact you to get the details of what you need. You'll want to order your VoyageLightly box at least a week in advance.

+ Are the clothes already worn?

Yes, and we carefully inspect and clean each wardrobe after every use. We only provide tops and bottoms at this time, and no undergarments or accessories. We donate clothes that have gone beyond its "gently worn" status.

+ Does VoyageLightly allow me to travel with no bags at all?

Well, not entirely. We will provide a wardrobe for your travels which consists of tops and bottoms, however, shoes undies and toiletries are not being shipped at this time. You'll still want a little bag that contains that stuff, and whatever else you'll need for your trip.

+ What does VoyageLightly do?

VoyageLightly will ship a box of clothes you need for your travels directly to your destination.
Imagine you're headed to Seattle during the rainy season, and you need to buy a coat. Instead of buying a new coat, let VoyageLightly send one to your destination.
Now imagine you're headed to a ski trip in Tahoe, but you don't want to bring all your heavy coats, pants and other gear with you. Book a VoyageLightly box, and we'll send a winter wardrobe direct to your cabin, allowing you to hop off the plane with just a small bag and skip the endless wait at the baggage claim.

+ How do I know I'll like my VoyageLightly box?

We have you complete a detailed survey of your current style, and have a personal shopper acquire the items that we believe will match closely to your look. Beyond that we guarantee each box, so you can rest easy.

+ How do I know that my box will arrive on time?

We send your box well in advance to your destination and provide you with a tracking number to monitor the situation. We also work with hotels and hosts to hold your VoyageLightly box safely until you arrive.

+ Where do you ship to?

We are currently shipping to the continental United States.